About Us



My name is Kara and I'm the face behind Wild Angle Textiles. I call Melville, SK home but I have lived throughout the province and have many roots set in various places. I am a farm wife to Garett and mom to one very busy boy, Yoli, and two two golden retrievers, Boone and Chester. I'm a Home Economics and Art teacher by day, but during my off hours I'm the maker of all Wild Angle Products! I'm a Jill of all trades, an artist and free spirit at heart, and everything I love involves using my hands. I've created from a young age (hence my pursuit of an art teacher career). 

Wild Angle started as a small venture creating blankets and quilts to fill my free time around 5 years ago. Since then it has snowballed into a busy side gig for me! When I'm not teaching or sewing, I love to garden, cook, hunt, fish, and be outdoors. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast and lover of the Canadian Wild, hence my choice of prints. 

Currently I am a small operation and I often have to delay or temporarily close orders - do not fear, I WANT to create something for you, but that Jill of all trades thing just may hinder my speed a bit.

Thank you so much for visiting, I look forward to see you or your babes wearing one of my creations.