Sizing Chart

Please refer to the following size charts when purchasing!

Please note size chart varies between some products - please make sure you are looking at the correct chart below. 


Rompers have unique size ranges listed as 0-9m, 6-18m, 12-24m.

Rompers fit true to typical baby/toddler sizes listed. Keep in mind rompers will be more relaxed fitting when child is at the "youngest" point in the size range, and will slowly grow with the child and become more fitted as they age. 

Rompers are styled so that they slip on through the neck and can be adjusted for leg length (cuffs roll up or down to adjust sizing).

As typical, if you are unsure of sizing, I always recommend sizing up!

For reference, pictured below my son is wearing size 6-18m and he still has lots of life left in this size. He currently is in size 12-18m. He is a slim baby, but as you can see a chunkier babe would have plenty of room. He can also wear a 12-24m romper but it is quite relaxed at this stage for his slim frame. 



Toque sizing is based on age appropriate measurements. 

0-6 months fit up to 17.5"
6-12 months fits up to 18.5"
12-24" fits up to 20"
2/3 fits up to 20.25"
3/4 fits up to 20.5"
4/5 fits up to 20.75"
5/6 fits up to 21"
Adult Small fits up to 22"
Adult Medium fits up to 23"
Adult Large fits up to 24"

When taking a head measurement you want to measure the largest circumference around your head. The largest number will determine your size. 

For reference my head size is around 21.75" and I wear anywhere from a size 4/5 to an adult small as sizing is flexible.